The Benefits of Our HIG 1.4 Power Supply

by Jordan Davis on February 18, 2021

Welcome! In an effort to improve our user experience and better serve our customers, we’re proud to be launching this blog. Please check back regularly for new information on induction heating, power supplies, coils and much more. Now, let’s get started with today’s post—which takes a look at the capabilities of our HIG 1.4 power supply.

The HIG 1.4 Power Supply

The HIG 1.4 power supply fills a unique niche in the induction heating market where precision heating is required.  The unique feature of the HIG design is a feedback loop between the power supply and magnetic head which will regulate the output power and frequency to meet setpoints for each cycle. 

The benefit of this design is extremely accurate and repeatable heating between loads as variables are introduced between cycles—most commonly in the form of slight physical differences of parts between batches within the magnetic field.  In practice, this translates to highly accurate heating of the parts in your process without over or under heating of parts which would impact your product quality.

For a manual process, the power supply can be operated from the local control interface or a remote switch to operate at power and time regulated cycles.  Functionality is also available for remote control and feedback via RS-232 digital signal if this equipment is installed as a part of an automated process.

Magnetic heads are tuned to the load and are available in 3 different styles; as a solenoid where the magnetic field is in the center of a round coil, as a transverse flux coil where the magnetic core extends outside of the housing and has an open side, and a transverse flux coil where the ferrite core is housed completely within the housing allowing maximum flexibility for parts to be moved into the magnetic field. 

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