Power Supplies

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iTherm currently offers a selection of several air-cooled induction heating power supplies with output power levels ranging up to 5kW.  Our induction heating technology is primarily focused on providing reliable and affordable solutions for industrial, consumer, and military applications.

Each iTherm power supply is equipped with our incredibly efficient HIG™ induction technology, leveraging the advantages of a pulsed output signal rich in high frequency harmonics to deliver repeatable power with output precision to 1W.

If one of our products does not meet the needs of your application we would be happy to work with you on the design of a custom setup that would allow you to benefit from our revolutionary induction technology for your induction soldering, brazing, or any induction heating requirement.

HIG 1.4
HIG 5.5

Contact an iTherm representative for more information on the solutions we can provide your business.