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iTherm’s patented Harmonic Inductive Gain (HIG™) technology offers a radically different approach over that of the traditional inductive system.  HIG™ was developed in-house and is only available in iTherm’s product line. This impressive technology allows each self-tuning iTherm power supply to obtain real-time load data at 2 million samples per second in order to deliver lower current, higher voltage harmonic pulses to the work-piece through use of our embedded warm inductors.


iTherm’s incredibly efficient, solid-state HIG™ technology allows us to provide affordable, air-cooled solutions up to 5kW with an astonishing 1W precision and a cycle time resolution to 100ms through our smart controls.  The value of HIG™ technology can be applied to many heating process applications thus replacing inefficient gas heating, power density limited resistive heating, and less efficient and cumbersome traditional induction systems.

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