HIG 1.4

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1kW Air-Cooled Induction Heating Power Supply

iTherm’s HIG 1.4 offers a simple, low cost solution for customers seeking a plug-and-play induction power supply to meet the demands of low power applications up to 1kW. This compact air-cooled induction power supply offers an unparalleled resolution of 0.1% throughout the entire output range—allowing the operator full control of power delivered to the load.

The internal Viper II smart control features active monitoring of the HIG™ technology pulse allowing real-time adjustment to the signal parameters in response to dynamic load characteristics.   Load changes that may be introduced to the system could include material property changes, movement, or coil changes. This allows a multitude of induction coils and resistive loads to be readily interchanged without load matching or tuning the power supply permitting the system to meet the demands of both present, and previously unattainable inductive applications.

This induction heating power supply is perfect for applications such as induction soldering, induction coax soldering, RF and microwave connector soldering, photovoltaic bussing/tabbing soldering, threaded stud insertion, die heating for catheter tipping, PCB solder assembly and many more.

Features Include:

  • Air-Cooled Power Supply
  • Air-Cooled Induction Coil
  • RS-232 Communication
  • Digital Inputs & Outputs
  • Ideal for Automated Processes
  • Compact Design
  • K-Type T/C Input
  • Easy Integration into OEM Products
  • Internal Temperature controller
  • Internal Timer for Process Control
  • 24 Hour Technical Support

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