HIG 5.5

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5kW Air-Cooled Induction Heating Power Supply

The HIG 5.5 features the same intelligent Viper II controls and active monitoring system as the HIG 1.4 with output capability to 5kW, all without sacrificing precision.  Air cooling is maintained in this device which features a compartmentalized heat sink ensuring physical isolation of the internal components from harsh external environments.  The HIG 5.5 offers the same coil and load flexibility as the HIG 1.4 with an additional input circuit breaker and start-up timer to manage current draw.

Analog control of this power supply is standard, as is its convenient rack-mount form factor.  This induction heating power supply is perfect for applications such as induction brazing, induction soldering, induction coax soldering, RF and microwave connector soldering, photovoltaic bussing/tabbing soldering, threaded stud insertion, and induction heated transfer pipes for metal casting and many more.

Features Include:

  • Air Cooled
  • RS-232 Communication + Programming
  • 5 kW peak power output
  • Dry Contact Communication
  • Self-Tuning to Different Coils
  • Air cooled Power Supply
  • Protective, self-resetting, thermal sensors
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Over voltage protection
  • Air cooled or water cooled coils
  • K-Type T/C Input

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