About Us

iTherm was created in 2005 by a group of engineers who wanted to apply the HIG concept to the induction heating market.  This entailed a different layout of the power system which incorporates load feedback and regulates the output to provide a far more precise and repeatable induction heating system than traditional methods. 

The 1st generation 1 KW power supply and solenoid coils were first developed which then lead to transverse flux and orthos coils and a variety of combinations for a variety of applications. 

A need was seen for higher power applications which led to a 5 KW power supply which was sold for similar heating and even a very unique flux pumping application.  iTherm was then purchased by Peter Pollak in 2010 and the operation was moved to Dynapower Company where the production and design capacity was expanded. 

We have updated our earlier designs and sold products into many applications where highly accurate heating is required by our customer’s processes. Moving forward, we have plans for updates to our current designs as well as new products to serve current and future customers. Stay tuned!