Transverse Flux Coils

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The Transverse Flux coil is undoubtedly our biggest seller. This induction coil type uses a remarkably efficient flux concentrator design to steer magnetic flux lines across an air gap into which the work-piece is placed. This results in very high power densities within a tightly focused area for precision heating. This induction coil type is ideal for parts requiring very localized heat, increased access to the work-piece, and/or rapid cycle times.

The Transverse Flux coil has proven itself exceedingly efficient in applications such as: coax soldering, RF and microwave connector soldering, wire harness soldering, die heating for catheter tipping, PCB assembly, heat treating, and precision soldering. All transverse flux coils come available with a large selection of gap sizes and flux concentrator finger lengths to ensure optimization with your application.

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